You Know Conservatives Aren’t Serious About Dealing With Transsexualism Because They Fixate Entirely On the Question of “How Young is Too Young” Instead of Just Saying It Should be Banned Across the Board

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by Chris Black

I don’t care how old someone is when a doctor tries to profit off of their dysfunction by giving them sex change “treatments.”

 It’s not legitimate medical care, and a bunch of ideologues at various professional organizations claiming that it is doesn’t make it so; this shouldn’t be tolerated in any kind of serious society.

Most of these people—including the “experts” who endorse it and say it’s legitimate healthcare—should just be institutionalized, and probably would have been until very, very recently.

But “all the medical associations say it’s healthcare!”

Yes, they’ve all put out statements where they reference “qualitative research” on the topic.

 Putting aside the fact that every single one of these “researchers” has already made up their mind before putting pen to paper, “qualitative research” is basically just a pretentious way of saying “a doctorate-holder wrote a blog post and other doctorate-holders who already agreed with them also agreed with their blog post.”

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This tactic of bringing up “professional organizations” is just a way of trying to disarm you and get you to shut up, which is why they never talk about the “research” or what’s actually in it. It’s literally just a bunch of academics jerking each other off about how tolerant and “affirming” they are.

The concept of “qualitative research” was invented specifically to deal with the problem of academics wanting to give their personal opinions on topics without needing any hard evidence to back any of it up. 

You don’t see physicists and mathematicians and biologists doing a lot of “qualitative research” because their work is actually based in reality and not some fucking weirdo’s personal opinion.

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