You Probably Think of Yourself as a Republican

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by Hollywood Rob

But you would wrong to do so.  You are not a republican.  You are not a democrat.  You are not important no matter what you believe about what is going on in the world around you.

The doers of the world do while you think.  Your thinking, while great for you, does nothing to affect the actions of the doers.  This is why the doers of the financial system now control what happens in your world while you argue over how many gods can fit on the head of a pin.

You fiddled while merika burned.

You took glee in watching your side win.  You thought that Trump was a republican.  He was never a republican.  His views are not your views.  He is not a democrat.  He was never a democrat even when he was slurping down champagne with the Clintons or scotch with the Bushs.

You complained vociferously that you had been robbed when you side lost, but nothing ever changed.  Nothing but the slow growth of the cancer that is financialization .  You watched the factories move to China and did nothing.  You watched the news every night and yet you couldn’t see the endless lines of unemployed leaving the closing factories.  In fact, you applauded the destruction of the lives of those who were in unions because the unions were responsible for the loss of the factory, but it was never that.  It was financialization that destroyed your city, your town, your livelihood.  It was financialization that destroyed the middle class that you were so proud to be a member of.

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It is financialization that concentrates the money in the hands of grubby parasites that used to provide the lubrication for the real economy, but now are the glue that holds the door to prosperity tightly shut.  And it is financialization that forbids the spell checker from recognizing it as a word in the hope that I won’t write it so you can’t read it.




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