You Won’t Find Any American Flags At The Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate, But You Will Find Radical Plans For Implementing Socialism In 2020

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by Geoffrey Grider

There were no American flags anywhere on the stage at the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate in New Hampshire tonight, but more socialism than you could shake a stick at.

I checked in with the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate from New Hampshire tonight, as I was curious to see how many American flags if any would be on display. After watching multiple feeds for several minutes, I can accurately report to you there were exactly none anywhere on the stage. But what was on display was radical plans and policies that will amount to implementing some level of Democratic Socialism should any of them be elected.

Their biggest plan, though, is not anything that benefits any American but simply a united desire to “defeat Donald Trump”. That’s what made the crowd cheer tonight, defeating Donald Trump. Exactly what type of policy is that? Answer, it is not a policy it is simply a talking point designed to get an effect. Ivan Pavlov would have greatly enjoyed watching this.

The last time we had a candidate that didn’t like the American flag and refused to wear a lapel flag pin, Barack Hussein Obama, you saw what type of government we got from that. If you would like to return to that Godless mess, vote Democratic in November, because what I saw on the stage tonight will give you all that and then some.

No American Flags Anywhere On Democrats Stage Tonight

Don’t worry about the lack of American flags making you mad, because once you hear the inane drivel coming out of the candidates mouths, you will laugh so hard you will forget all about the absence of American flags at a presidential candidate debate. On second thought, done laughing, still mad. #MAGA2020Landslide


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