Canada’s CRACKDOWN On Media & Free Speech! – How Bad Is It Going To Get?

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest news regarding Canada’s Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault insinuating that there will likely be a license on all medias in Canada in the future. He essentially claimed there would have to be some sort of “even playing field” which is interesting considering Canada’s Digital Charter released last year outlining how medias “should” operate according to the state.
Guilbeault walked back his previous statement when asked to clarify the next day and suddenly claimed that there will be no license… technically. In fact he left the door open quite a bit, but he claimed that people were confused by his comments. Well, perhaps he’s confused considering he literally said “medias should have a license.”
Perhaps he moved too soon? One thing is for sure, Canada is facing an existential crisis when it comes to free speech and freedom of the press. Medias are being muzzled left, right and center and Trudeau has bailed out the medias he prefers to monopolize with $600 MILLION.
We’ve experienced the insanity of Canada’s media circus in depth and in this video we break down what the landscape looks like, what we’ve been through in short and what the latest comments by Guilbeault tell us about the direction of the state as well as many online entities restricting the ability of independent media to reach people.


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