Your Pension Fund is Insolvent and You Will NOT Get Your Pension Money! It’s Already Happening!

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Do you believe the PENSION CRISIS is worse than we are being told?

Pension funds, particularly in the United States have become insolvent, mainly due to theft from those in control of it. The claim has always been overpromising but with booming market conditions over the last 9 years, that excuse must be ignored. Pensions are unfortunately a requirement for many people who rely on them in their old age, many who are physically unable to work, and who paid into a system for decades. I’m here to tell you, they lied.


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The Pension Hole for U.S. Cities and States Is the Size of Japan’s Economy – WSJ

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Private Pension Product, Sold by Felon, Wipes Investors Out – WSJ

Lifeguarding in OC is totally lucrative; some make over $200k – Orange County Register

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