YouTube forced to apologize & reverse verification reforms after user uprising threatens bottom line

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Yay for common sense against stupid ideas.

YouTube is reversing course – and apologizing profusely – after an attempt to strip popular channels of their verification checks nearly triggered an uprising. Management listening to the users – is this a social media first?

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took to Twitter on Friday to grovel before the enraged YouTube community, apologizing for the “frustration and hurt” caused by the mass un-verification and for “missing the mark” with the rollout. “We heard loud & clear how much the badge means to you,” she tweeted, alluding to the deluge of angry comments all YouTube management accounts received on Thursday.

Channels with over 100,000 subscribers that had been stripped of their badges have had them reinstated and no longer have to appeal to keep them – though “we’ll continue reviewing those channels to ensure we’re protecting creators from impersonation.




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