Zarah Sultana MP: Rules for Thee but Not for Me

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by Martin Armstrong

British Parliament Labour Party member Zarah Sultana has urged the public to wear masks. “I feel incredibly unsafe in the chamber… I see most Tories not wearing masks,” MP Sultana said in a November 3 interview with the BBC. Interviewer Julia Hartley-Brewer promptly questioned, “Why are you not wearing one now?”

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Answer: the rules do not apply to her. Sultana recently attended the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards where she was spotted in a packed room without a mask. A proponent of shutting down schools and forced mandates, Sultana said that a mask-free Chamber was a “dangerous message to send to the rest of the country.” Yet, she is seen partying at a crowded function without the “protective” restrictions she expects the rest of the nation to abide by. Do we need any more proof that these policies are purely political?

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