SWIFT is the thing that allows the central bank ponzi scheme to operate. Talk of moving away from this system could be seen as talk of moving to a truly new, maybe fairer though doubtful, financial system.

by LeftOfTheDials Just wanted to give you guys a bit of insight into the SWIFT network and it’s use in money transfers. It’s discussed here a bit with regards to first … Read more

FINRA allows “Bad Actors” in the Securities Industry to exist because a large percentage of its revenue is derived from fines imposed on “Bad Actors” that should be kicked out of the industry.

by jetty42 FINRA is a non-government organization that has been authorized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate Firms and individuals in the US Financial Services Industry. In FINRAs … Read more

Jeff Sessions Allows Big Pharma Use Of Synthetic Marijuana But Deprives Natural Plant From Public. PLUS – Never Supports The President – Threatens To Leave If Rosenstein Is Fired.

by Ruby Henley The American people should be becoming very suspicious of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as he could be blamed for this ridiculous situation revolving around President.  President Trump … Read more