Cannabis proven an effective alternative form of pain relief for elderly patients, allowing many to quit taking dangerous meds, research finds

by: Rhonda Johansson (Natural News) President Trump announced last year that the opioid epidemic was a “public health emergency” and called for the medical community to look for alternative therapies to battle the growing crisis. The President cited the most recent Centers … Read more

Save your video files! Health Ranger to launch YouTube alternative that protects the free speech of real Americans

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) As every informed person is well aware, Google / YouTube has been on a censorship rampage against conservative voices, not just demonetizing accounts but deleting them altogether. The radical Left’s “speech purge” is well under way, … Read more

YouTube Has Terminated One Of The Best Sources I Have – Operation Name And Shame Has Begun – Alternative News Media Attacked For Asking Questions.

by Ruby Henley I checked into YouTube this morning to update on the news.  My favorite reporter, Charles Walton, had been terminated!  I am in shock.  He has been reporting on the Florida school shooting and the Las Vegas Massacre … Read more

Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight as he's about to expose Soros org.

Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir Rabani found dead tonight under strange circumstances. This comes just as he is investigating and exposing well known communist Robert Aschberg & far-left org. Expo which is funded by SOROS Swedish alternative media journalist Bechir … Read more

Here We Are Standing Together At IWB Welcoming The NEW YEAR Of 2017. Each Of Us A LINK In The CHAIN Connecting The Worlds Of FINANCIAL And ALTERNATIVE – NEWS MEDIA.

Dear IWB Family: We have survived the chaotic year of 2016, and there was not a dull moment. Now we stand together at the open door of 2017, ready to meet the mounting challenges facing us in both the financial … Read more