Right at the end of the Obama admin in 2016 the company that built the collapsed bridge was awarded a $66mil project at Guantanimo

“Cuban exile family’s firm wins $66M contract to build Guantánamo base school” “A family firm of Cuban builders that did work on the Malecón in Havana before the revolution has won a Pentagon contract to build the U.S. Navy’s new … Read more

Billionaire Sam Altman and 25 Others Just Paid $10,000 For Company "Nectome" To Upload Their Brain Consciousness For Immortality

Billionaire Sam Altman and 25 Others Just Paid $10,000 For Company “Nectome” To Upload Their Brain Consciousness For Immortality Two news articles describing the process:   A Silicon Valley billionaire is paying the ultimate price for immortality: death. Well, that, … Read more

When people argue FOR YouTube’s right to discriminate, as “it is a Private Company”… I can’t help but think of a certain Baker who refused to bake a certain wedding cake and the ensuing firestorm and outrage that followed.

Or my “hypocrisy meter” is out of whack? Whatever the case may be, it still astounds me with how much veracity and force people will protect the rights of corporations such as Google and their baby YouTube. These corporations might … Read more

Fun corporate law fact: The threshold determination for an anti-monopoly lawsuit under the Sherman Act is typically for the company in question to possess between 70% and 80% market share in the industry. YouTube's market share of online video? 75.68%.

Google already broke itself up into the Alphabet. I personally believe they did it specifically to fend off anti-trust suits.   h/t pray_for_kekistan

Here we just have an example of literally the richest man on Earth, Jeff Bezos worth over $100 billion, and his company, the biggest retailer on Earth, didn't pay 1 cent in income tax to the US government.

I don’t think we should be giving Jeff Bezos a medal for figuring out how to fuck over the system so bad, that one of the world’s largest companies didn’t pay any income taxes last year. And that was before the massive … Read more

Ex-opioid addict starts online campaign against billionaire family behind OxyContin; their company, Purdue Pharma, has made billions off opioids

by: Rhonda Johansson (Natural News) World-renowned and distinguished photographer Nan Goldin is using her art to yet again expose the hidden truths of an unreported world — this time in lambasting the billionaire family responsible for the pain relief drug, OxyContin. Goldin, … Read more