ANOTHER COVER-UP! Judicial Watch already caught the FBI red-handed hiding Clinton-Lynch tarmac records. Now we have confirmation FBI also withheld Strzok-Page texts about the corrupt meeting!

by TFittonJW What else are FBI/DOJ hiding! The Page-Strzok messages discuss the tarmac meeting but haven’t been turned over in our key FOIA lawsuit! Here’s the first FBI cover-up background: Vid discussion: One minute vid:    

There were countless lies told at today's confirmation hearings for the new FBI Director Christopher Wray. By ALL parties, Republicans, Dems & Wray himself

by Ian Shilling a. Lie: The FBI operates according to the Constitution and within the law to benefit the American population. Truth: The FBI has operated totally outside the Law and outside the U.S. Constitution ever since its foundation in … Read more