1 year and 3 days later after Snopes “debunked” Nobel’s regret of giving Obama the Peace Prize, the secretary of Nobel went on record saying the same thing

Links (archived): Snopes archive.is/UbZma BBC archive.is/dQwJC   Snopes was kind of cool when it was only about online hoaxes, as soon as they left that area and tried other stuff, their huge political bias showed. Not to mention, they have no investigative … Read more

Another climate concern debunked: Amazon rainforest trees found to be surprisingly drought resistant

by: Vicki Batts (Natural News) Amazon rain forests are an integral part of the Earth’s ecosystem. As Louis Santiago, a professor of Botany & Plant Sciences from the University of California at Riverside contends, “Because of its sheer size, what happens in the … Read more

WOW. Never-Trump National Review bending the knee: "Donald Trump was a joke until nominated, unelectable until elected, incompetent until he succeeded on most fronts, and about to be impeached until he debunked the collusion nonsense; he has had a very successful year."

In the end, his 2017 was quite a success. Those who are still predicting that Donald Trump will be impeached and removed from office are now like exotic and endangered creatures. It is like an absurdly slow dance, in which … Read more