CALIFORNIA CRUSH: Judicial Watch lawsuits against CA/LA over dirty election rolls and against San Fran sanctuary policy moving forward!

by TFittonJW   Judicial Watch hasn’t abandoned California. The Judicial Watch juggernaut lawsuits are proceeding full steam ahead. Big lawsuits trying to ensure cleaner elections and the rule of law on immigration. Our lawsuit against CA and LA over dirty … Read more

WH Deputy Press Sec. Raj Shah on Tucker Tonight, following today's indictments: "When you see these efforts by Democrats pushing this collusion conspiracy, what they're really doing, is doing the Russians' dirty work for them"

The left has thought all along that Trump supporters were the ones manipulated by Russia. Looking more like they were the ones manipulated into protesting a democratically elected President. They will not be able to cope with this mindfuck lol. … Read more

Bernie Sanders Denies Allegations Over Dirty Land Deal and Blatant Nepotism While His Wife Was In Charge Of The Now Shuttered Burlington College

by Robert Carbery   Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, has engaged in blatant nepotism while she was president of the now inoperable Burlington College. The Sanders family are not the lovable old Socialists the left thinks they … Read more