Sarah Westall talks to Richie Allen about the youtube termination of his channel, and the corporate technology takeover.

Good conversation about the intersection of humanity with corporatism, artificial intelligence, technology, digital currency, free speech, and social controls. Well worth a listen. Popular radio show host, Richie Allen, joins the program to discuss the latest round of YouTube censorship. … Read more

New Orleans Implemented a CIA Backed Predictive Policing Technology in Complete Secrecy in 2012 – Not even City Council Members knew about it

PALANTIR HAS SECRETLY BEEN USING NEW ORLEANS TO TEST ITS PREDICTIVE POLICING TECHNOLOGY The program began in 2012 as a partnership between New Orleans Police and Palantir Technologies, a data-mining firm founded with seed money from the CIA’s venture capital … Read more

Technology backfire: Instead of webcam consultations saving doctors’ time, they are actually costing MORE time due to technical problems

by: David Williams (Natural News) Good intentions haven’t been enough to convince both patients and doctors in the U.K. that online consultations are the way of the future, according to a new study. In one report that goes over the study’s … Read more