WTF? Syrian ‘Refugee' Busted for Raping Pony In German Kids Zoo


by Chris Black

Unfortunately, this is not a joke, but multiculturalism in action, or the side-effects of endlessly repeating that stupid mantra about “all cultures are equal” and all that liberal palaver: one of Chancellor Merkel’s engineers(or maybe it was a doctor?), a male Syrian refugee that is, was arrested in Berlin after allegedly raping a pony, of all things. The unpleasant incident took place in a public zoo for children, in Görlitzer Park respectively. I know what you’re thinking, okay, the man raped a pony, maybe he was having a sexual emergency; who knows, maybe raping ponies is a cultural thing in Syria; moreover, let’s look at the bright side of the story: he didn’t rape a woman or a kid, right?
The rather strange rapist is a 23 year old so-called refugee from Syria and here’s the kicker: the whole thing was witnessed by the zoo’s flabbergasted visitors who, check this out: took pictures of the rapist abusing the poor pony. You can’t make this up, really, but this is oh-so-tolerant Europe in 2017: not even animals in the Zoo aren’t safe anymore.
After the photo depicting the Syrian man fornicating with the beast (this is called zoophilia or bestiality by the way, and it appears to be legal in a number of Muslim countries), the police arrested the suspect. The hideous act was first observed by a babysitter who was visiting  Görlitzer Park’s Zoo with a child. As reported by the local paper Berliner Morgenpost, after witnessing the traumatizing incident, the babysitter informed the park authorities who called the police.
According to a statement from a park’s employee, the babysitter took a picture of the Syrian refugee as he was involved in sexual intercourse with the pony. As soon as the refugee realized he has been caught with the pants down, literally, he unmounted the animal and fled the scene. However, after seeing the photo, the zoo security managed to locate the Syrian refugee on the park’s premises and he was quickly apprehended, being later on taken into custody by German police.
German authorities confirmed that the unnamed Syrian refugee is facing charges, as he’s been accused of causing a public disturbance through sexual acts and also for violating the Animal Welfare Act. Depending on the judge, he may very well serve some time in prison, up to three years, yet if I was a Berliner, I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. Now, the moral of the story is that some cultures are better than others, there’s no way around it. The Europeans must accept this as a fact and move on; or, if not, they’ll have to learn to live with this kind of “cultural enrichment” for the decades to come.
It’s obvious that allowing millions of unvetted so-called refugees coming from war torn zones, third world countries and incompatible cultures to enter Europe was maybe the worst idea of the 21st century. And we are now facing the consequences: no go zones, terrorist attacks, gang rapes, acid attacks etc. and the politicians have the nerve to say that this is the price we have to pay for “diversity”. Gimme a break!