10-Year Yield Chart – We'll Get There In 3 (Three) Days.

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by Dave
Here’s my opinion: 3%.  We all like round numbers.  At the current rate (its up 6 bps today) we’ll get there in 3 (three) days.

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1 thought on “10-Year Yield Chart – We'll Get There In 3 (Three) Days.

  1. The jobs report sure was a head-fake the first time in many years they came out with better jobs numbers as interest rates approached critical levels. Of course the jobs numbers is always below the ADP figures each month every month!!! I’m sure next month they’ll make sure the jobs number comes in well below 100,000. All the data is 100 percent fake just like the 100 percent fake economy. That’s how Trump can tell everyone about 3 interest rate increases this year because each piece of data is total lies.

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