10th consecutive weekend of Yellow Vest protests underway in France

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by o_O_0_O


This short documentary provides some incredible 4K footage of what the Yellow Vest protesters have faced as they challenge the status quo of the French elite. It provides an interesting perspective of both the protesters and the police as they participate in one of the biggest uprisings in recent history. The 10th weekend of protests are underway even after president Macron published a letter announcing a public debate will take place between the public and mayors across France until March 15th.

The movement was initially motivated by rising fuel prices, high cost of living, and tax burden on the working/middle class. It has shown the world that the elite will authorize any “less-lethal” means necessary to quell these protests.

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At least 10 fatalities have been linked to the protests so far. Last weekend a protester was shot at close range with a rubber projectile resulting in a serious head injury and blood loss (NSFW Blood). He was put in a medically induced coma and has since awaken.

Plain clothes riot police squads are on high alert and are shooting large numbers of protesters with rubber projectiles leading to many protesters loosing eyes. Reminder to always wear helmets and eye protection if you are at a protest.

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Traveling with the riot police are an increased number of police carrying assault rifles with live ammunition. Due to France’s history of terrorist attacks, one as recently as December 11th, police are treating these protests like a battlefield.

Stay safe out there if you read this.

YouTube live streams of the protests can be found here.

If you want to see more coverage of the protests today search “#YellowVests” on Twitter and sort by ‘Latest’.



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