24-Hour Ultimate to NATO: Serbia threatens Kosovo with war!

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President Vucic: “If the pogrom continues on our people, Serbia will react”!

On Sunday evening, Serbia put parts of its military on heightened alert.

The Serbian army has been moving tanks to the border with Kosovo for days, speaking of a “provocation” by Kosovo, to which they will react. Yesterday, within sight of the border and to the cheering of the Serbs in Kosovo, she flew low over the area in Russian MiG-29 fighter planes.

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In the evening Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that his country would “fight for our people” to end the “pogroms against Serbs” in Kosovo. Vucic literally: “If we don’t fight, we can’t achieve anything.”

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That is why he called NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg personally and gave the military alliance an ultimatum on Sunday evening to end the “pogrom” against his compatriots in Kosovo.




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