A day after fake news criticizes Trump's comments on Sweden. A riot in "Little Moghadishu" Rinkeby Sweden occurs! Cop fires warning shot. 7-8 cars on fire!

IT’S HAPPENING: Riots in Rinkeby, Sweden — police shot warning shots


Police fired warning shots at stone-throwing youths in Rinkeby, Stockholm, on Monday evening.

For a time, the police were withdrawing from the area where two violent riots are now being investigated.

Meanwhile, it remains unsettled in the area with cars set on fire and several burglaries in shops.

The alarm came to the police regional command center at 20:18 on Monday evening.

– In connection with an intervention by the subway, they would detain a person, got colleagues threw stones against him, says Eva Nilsson at the police regional command center in Stockholm.

“Very rock ‘

In connection with the stoning police fired warning shots.

– Apparently it was very rock and associated with it that has fired the warning shots, said Eva Nilsson

– They felt so repressed that they felt it necessary to fire warning shots.

A police officer was hit in connection with the stoning.

– A colleague got a stone on his arm, I do not know how the injury situation is, says Eva Nilsson.


Classified as rioting

A police officer was hit by a stone on his arm, but it is unclear how seriously injured he was. Police headlining the event as assaulting a police officer and rioting. No person should even have been arrested in connection with the stoning.
Photos of the site, one can see how many cars are on fire. They must be at least five cars on fire, and emergency services are on site to extinguish these fires.
According to information are about the emergency services have requested reinforcements from Sollentuna and Brännkyrka.
A witness at the site reports that the police retreated to a gas station in connection with the stone-throwing began. Up to 30 young people have participated, and according to the witness, they have blocked the road to the fire department would not be able to get through.


Riots in Rinkeby should have created the whim of much concern that the police had to shoot warning shots. A person detained on the spot and then throwing stones at the police began – a police officer hit by stone. Later that evening reported 7-8 cars in the fire and police along with rescue fails to get around the need for continued throwing stones.