AK47s, Arson, And Journalism In The Sweden No Go Zones. Tim Pool Has To Get A Police Escort To Protect Him. Remind Me Again How Trump Was Wrong

Pfffft…. Sweden is so safe. These masked men are just misunderstood. They’re just letting you know it’s THEIR territory now. It’s totally normal for police to remove the innocent people because they can’t handle the misunderstood migrants from peacefully letting the visitors know who runs the place now.
He’s actually lucky, some places the police won’t even come for you.

His $2000 investment is already paying off.
Swedish girl tells the truth about the Muslim invasion in Sweden… and the epidemic rapes of young girls by refugees that the media won’t tell us… Trump is right about Sweden

Remind me again how Trump was wrong & how there are zero ‘no-go’ areas in Sweden?


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