UPDATE: Using Politifiction's own numbers, Illegal Immigrants cost the US Tax Payer $66.5 BILLION per year.


Honestly, build the wall. Kick out all the illegal criminals. Give every peaceful illegal 3 months to register themselves on a commitment to do what it takes to become legal. Anyone who doesn’t register gets kicked out as well. A path to citizenship will require extensive background checks. Those who lied get kicked out. The few remaining that actually want to MAGA can stay and contribute.
Thing is you can’t have a path to citizenship without a  wall.
This is how California liberals love american workers: San Francisco university lays off IT workers sends jobs to India

The University of California, San Francisco on Tuesday laid off 49 information technology (IT) employees and outsourced their work to a company based in India, ending a year-long process that has brought the public university under fire.
The university announced the plan last July as a way to save $30 million over five years. The University of California system, which includes health care and research-focused UCSF, has been struggling to raise revenue and cut expenses.
Politico/Morning Consult released a poll today showing that only 30% of registered American voters believe that H-1B workers fill jobs Americans are not able to perform. 44% said that H-1B visa holders definitely fill job opportunities that Americans could do.

h/t mythstified