ALERT: US House Makes HUGE 23–19 Vote On Hunter Biden

Federal Oversight Powers are needed to fix up Washington DC- and bold firebrand populists in office to defend America First policies are the only recipe to even begin to touch the mess that has been made by a greedy and far-reaching administrative state Hell- that the Federal government has become. Take notice now that it is Oversight Committees where many of the leftist-RINO usurpations land- and are then flagged through to continue.

Just this week a US House committee voted on a resolution to open an investigation into first son Hunter Biden over allegations of shady business dealings and illegal actions, and it went nowhere- because Democrats have control and do not care what the American people want or need.

On a party-line vote, the House Oversight Committee then rejected the Republican-led effort to seek documents related to the Biden family’s business dealings in countries like Russia, Ukraine, and China by a vote of 23-19.  Yes- the Democrats have the power, and they will use it to cover up everything that gives transparency to their theft of America.

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“Republicans on the committee forced a vote on a so-called “resolution of inquiry,” which called on the administration to hand over a wide swath of documents related to the Biden family’s business deals overseas. Democrats, however, voted down the resolution following two hours of debate over the issue. (The final tally was 23 Democrats voted to report the resolution unfavorably out of committee, while 19 Republicans voted against reporting it unfavorably.),” CNN reported about the outrageous move.


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