Beyond Meat Cash Flow Issue?

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by zeroskater45

I noticed beyond meat has been a fairly popular investment considering the plant based/green trends. They have some pretty good partnerships. However, it seems that they have increasingly negative operating cash flow year over year. I see this as a way to look at the health of a business and its ability to generate $. So why are so many investors (institutional and retail) able to overlook that? Since it is getting owrse and worse, it seems to be signs of a sinking ship. The company seems to be losing more and more $ in operating cash flow each year and also borrowing more and more money.

Am I interpreting this wrong? I’d like to understand how people can justify that and still invest. Much respect to the investors, just trying to understand. Thanks.

Breakdown TTM 12/31/2019 12/31/2018 12/31/2017 12/31/2016
Operating Cash Flow -46,995 -46,995 -37,721 -25,273 -23,495
Investing Cash Flow -26,164 -26,164 -23,242 -8,115 -5,038
Financing Cash Flow 294,876 294,876 76,199 55,425 31,914


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