Biden Explodes In Fit Of Rage Over What Just Came Out

Reports are out saying that Democrat Joe Biden is an emotional wreck over several news items that he is being kept away from, and also over several items that point to there being excellent reasons he is being kept away from top stories- because he is not capable of leading or solving any problems.

And therefore, another reason for him to be having a temper tantrum like a frustrated child is that his approval ratings are horrible, and he still- can’t touch the popularity of President Donald J. Trump.

Biden has faced a sinking of whatever popularity he once had, after many slip-ups by his administration, and also – to be honest-because  Biden can’t communicate well, nor does it seem like he has anything to talk about that the American people find concerning.

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The American people are worried about the cost of gas, food, housing, and about education. They are worried about shortages of many items including, food for infants, and they are worried about what they see as a disastrous invasion of foreigners- of our Southern Border.


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