BREAKING: Chuck Grassley reveals two FBI witnesses exist who testified James Commie knew he wasn't going to prosecute Hillary months before.

BREAKING NEWS: James Comey Made Up His Mind Months Before Hillary Clinton Investigation Was Over To Not Recommend Prosecution – FBI Refusing To Cooperate With Congress
Brand New Hearing Today Revealed A Lot About the FBI 9/26/2017
Today Senator Chuck Grassley announced a speech today that the FBI has been refusing to give any information on James Comey and Hillary Clinton Email Investigation , also he revealed they put gag orders on all fbi members investigating which has never been done, but the biggest shell he dropped was that after seeing witness testimony james comey decided to draft exonerating hillary clinton months before the investigation was even over
president trump talked lots about this during his campaign president donald trump wanted them to keep investigating hillary and her emails
this is breaking news and latest news today and today news in us news and top news and current news on comey trump , this is also politics news and political news this is a update on us america investigation into comey hearing and why he comey fired was such a big deal fox news and nbc news and cnn news have been covering this story and its implications on the 2016 election and obama influence with russia madness going on
original air date: 9/26/ 2017