BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Investigator George Webb On The Run From John Podesta And Hillary Goon Squad! Life And Family Been Threatened Due To Work On Seth Rich Murder Investigation.

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by Pamela Williams
First of all, I pray you spread and make this post viral for George Webb and his family.  George has investigated the disappearance of Eric Braverman, Ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation, and he now believes that Braverman has been taken to Israel for his safety.  George has also gotten involved in the murder investigation of Seth Rich.  He now believe Seth was assassinated by Hillary Clinton’s goon squad.
George found that there are connections to Hillary’s goon squad and the gang who came across the border during the Obama reign called the MS-13.  They have terrorized our Country for some time now, especially in Long Island, NY, having recently murdered a group of school students.  It is difficult to believe that the DNC would make such a connection, but they did so due to the dirty jobs they would do for them.
George has just revealed he is connected to the Old Mossad, but he and his connections are battling the Deep State as time, and now he and his family are in danger.  He feels that John Podesta, Tony Podesta, and Heather Podesta are just a few of the players in this game of life and death. George has also revealed he is a part of the Wikileaks network.  In the below video, it is explained to some degree.
The below is the last video George has made:
Published on May 30, 2017
The below video is an interview explains very much of what George does:

Started streaming on May 29, 2017
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Chaos or Trump’s Trap?
Steve Bannon’s “Art of War” Plan is Now in Full Effect.
All Warfare is Based on Deception.
Though Competent, Appear Incompetent.
Though Effective, Appear Ineffective.
Step back and look at the pieces carefully!
Just like in judo, you utilize the energy of the aggressor against the aggressor. Trump is orchestrating the chaos by leaking fake information to trace and bust the leakers, it’s called a canary trap and Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn are running it. Trump is going after Clinton and Weiner is the one who will turn first. Look at the timing of his guilty plea! Trump is 50 steps ahead of everyone! He is also using the fake news media to highlight the crimes of Obama and Clinton, which he is being falsely accused of and utterly destroying any remaining credibility! Flynn accused of Logan act violations yet it’s Bill Clinton who is actually guilty of Logan act violations. Trump is accused of mishandling classified info yet it’s Hillary and her cronies who are guilty of this. Obstruction is obviously Lynch and Bill Clinton tarmac meeting as well as Obama’s influence on Comey. Trump brought attention to McCabe by firing Comey 48 hours before the hearing forcing him into the spotlight forcing him to testify. Flynn asking for immunity highlights the hypocrisy of Clinton aids getting immunity. Not to mention, everyone is asking for Comey’s memos, which will be far more damaging to Obama and Clinton than Trump. Like always, Trump is going to come out the other side smelling like roses with everyone feeling sorry for him for being treated so unfairly. President Trump is going to leave scorched earth with the criminals in our government. Plus, the democrats are endorsing Muller, who just resigned from a Trump-affiliated law firm WilmerHale. The same law firm that represents Ivanka Trump and other Trump loyalists and is the man who will bring them down!
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News about: Crooked Hillary, President Trump, Deep State War, Seth Rich in contact with #Wikileaks
Right-Minded News:

Published on May 29, 2017
This is perhaps one of the most explosive interviews pertaining to the murder of Seth Rich as well as the “Leak vs. hack” scenario that created the “Russian interference” accounts. For the latest news go to We bring the real news that matter to the People.
The below are reports I have done on IWB on the work of George Webb:
The below explains further the situation George Webb is involved in right now:
John Podesta in a frenzy converting $40B Clinton Foundation assets into gold, diamonds & artwork.
Independent journalist George Webb says that after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, longtime Democrat operative and Clinton loyalist John Podesta is in a frenzy to unload $40 billion from the Clinton Foundation — by buying up art, gold and diamonds, and spreading them out all over the world — before those assets are seized by a new FBI director.
John Podesta was the chair of Hillary’s failed 2016 presidential campaign. Before that, he was Counselor to the President in the Obama administration, and White House Chief of Staff in the Bill Clinton administration.
Beginning at the 0:30 mark in the video above, Webb says:
“Right now . . . John Podesta is buying up artwork between every Jewish art dealer.”
Webb is asked: “How do you know that?”
Webb answers:
“I have a contact within the French intelligence that’s told me that. So they’re buying up artwork right now in every, they know every art dealer that he’s buying art from . . . . What you’re dealing with is Trump could go get that 40 billion dollars right now and seize those assets. So before a new FBI director is named — [Acting FBI Director Andrew] McCabe knows all about the $40 billion — you start moving this stuff to gold, diamonds, artwork and so forth, and you put it in your network . . . out into as many different countries as possible, so it’ll be so difficult to actually go seize. You have a contractual issue or an international issue every time you try to get some of this stuff that’s been moved. The money right now is being moved by John Podesta to artwork, diamonds and gold.“
“Webb sees the Seth Rich murder as just a small part of a much bigger picture of high-level racketeering by Hillary Clinton, her minions and whoever she’s fronting. It’s an outrageous amount of money that’s been amassed over some twenty years.”
Webb calls the Clintons’ racketeering, including drug running, the Clinton rat line.
Bruce continues:
“Webb then proceeds to . . . illustrate how the drug-running between Afghanistan and Punjab, to Pakistan, to Turkey’s Incirlik airbase to NATO, in Mons, Belgium.
Webb says, large military transport planes, like C-130s are used to transfer raw opium from Afghanistan to Pakistan, where they are refined into opioid medications, which are then contracted-out by mobbed-up doctors, to places like the VA (US Department of Veterans Affairs), where these generic drugs (usually watered-down to half- or quarter-strength) are distributed from Belgium.
He says information about all of the above can be found in the Congressional Blackberry phone network.
He describes these activities as, ‘Just Mena [Arkansas] Airport, on a global scale, just longer distances…It’s very simple: drugs go one way, arms go the other way….’ Half of the cargo gets left in Belgium and the rest comes to the US. In the past, he’s mentioned Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska, as well as an airport in Rockford, Illinois, where drugs were smuggled in shipments of mangoes and Basmati rice. Except that instead of the $1 million per day worth of cocaine being brought in at Mena, Webb claims, in an another one of his blizzard of micro-posts, that Offut AFB receives $1 billion per day (!) in opioids.”
In conclusion, I have to ask of you to spread this report, as George Webb’s life and the lives of his family are in danger by the perps we are very familiar with…John Podesta being the main one at this time.

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