BREAKING NEWS: Paid Actors To Protest At President Trump’s Arizona Rally TONIGHT! LIVE VIDEO!

by Ruby Henley
President Trump is holding a rally in Phoenix, Arizona tonight, and he needs to get ready to rumble as paid actors will be there to disturb and create chaos.
They were recruited from Craigslist…yet again.  It is not known who is paying them, but most likely it is the same billionaire, who has committed his life to destroying Western Civilization.
However, lets face the fact those within our own government are helping him…bottom line.
I do not know what time tonight Trump’s rally is, but my prayers are with him.
A group called Indivisible formed by activists states on their website the group “is a project of the Advocacy Fund,” a progressive advocacy group that receives money from the OPEN SOCIETY POLICY CENTER, AN ARM OF SOROS’ OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS.
I am not surprised.