US Senator Warns -Evidence Hillary & George Soros Funding A Domestic Overthrow

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by Thinker
‘Racism is a tool of the collectivist. The goal is to dismantle the American society by attacking whites and the symbols of white success by branding it oppression’. According to this August 14th story over at the Washington Free Beacon, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has sent at least $800,000 from her campaign funds to her new political action group according to the Federal Election Commission. Clinton announced her intent to be “part of the resistance” in May with the formation of Onward Together, a political action group that will fund a number of established “resistance” groups that can quickly counter President Trump with direct action and protests.
Soon after the election, Hillary announced her intentions to stay involved with ‘resisting’ President Trump’s agenda and as anybody paying attention to ‘real news’ knows, for many years, she was also part of the efforts being made to arm ‘anti-Assad’ rebels in Syria, many of whom turned out to be the same ISIS terrorists who are now killing people around the world, including Americans. So why would Hillary Clinton send nearly a million dollars to ‘resistance’ groups such as Antifa, a group which many, including the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, have deemed a ‘domestic terror group’?
As Susan Duclos reported on Sunday on ANP, Antifa is planning a nationwide terror attack on November 4th in an attempt to drive President Trump out of office and as with all of the recent ‘Antifa protests’, those paying attention warn we’re now witnessing an ongoing communist attempt to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. Epoch Times reported recently that there are undeniable links that show ‘Antifa’ has communist origins, including promoting a communist dictatorship in Germany on Soviet Union’s behalf, and labelled all ideologies other than communism as ‘fascism’.
Sound familiar? And while I’m quite sure I’ll be called a ‘Nazi’ or a ‘fascist’ for calling out these antifa frauds, as Dilbert cartoon strip creator and popular blogger Scott Adams recently pointed out, millions of Americans are buying into this ‘everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a fascist hysteria’. However, whether or not they should be labeled as a ‘terrorist group’ shouldn’t even be debatable as they claim in their own methods as also seen in more detail below:
We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.
According to Cornell Law School, the definition of ‘domestic terrorism’ is:…Antifa.php
Shadow Government Emerges, Announces Trump Overthrow
May 5, 2017 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, the House passes an Obamacare repeal and replace bill, but will it make it all the way to the president’s desk? How does it differ from the previous “Ryancare” bill? And things look bleak for French nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen, as opponent Macron takes a 24-point lead. We’ll go over the latest in the FBI-Comey saga, and examine Obama’s comments claiming he feels sad about Trump’s presidency. We’ll also take your calls during this worldwide broadcast.

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12 thoughts on “US Senator Warns -Evidence Hillary & George Soros Funding A Domestic Overthrow


    • Only people that will be put into the FEMA camps will be loyal Americans that love and care about this country. The DEEP STATE and the CIA are in control. Roosevelt was a jew and was behind the killing of Huey Long because Huey was going to run against him and could have beaten him. Roosevelt wanted wars, guess who killed Huey Long, a jew, now what are the odds of that? JFK was killed because of many things but one was he was not go to keep wars going for them and another jew shows up, Jack Ruby. Notice how Trump is keeping the wars going?

      • Nobody is going to read this or care about my comments one way or the other, but WTF……
        And this is why America is screwed.
        “loyal Americans that love and care about this country.”
        What makes you think that the snowflakes and the Libtards and the left, Clinton and her cohorts do not ‘Love and care about this country’?
        As long as you have that mind set a) you will never win and b) it makes you as stupid as them.
        “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
        Sun Tzu.
        It is the same reason that you will never defeat the Muslims. Not because they are better or stronger but because you just can’t be bothered to learn about the ‘enemy’.
        Hopefully the idiots on both sides will be destroyed, but I somehow think that they are most likely to survive.

        • We or Europe wouldn’t have any Muslims if we hadn’t invaded, stole their oil, riches, killed millions of them and destroyed their countries for Israel.

          • I know who the enemy is and it’s you and your duel citizen brothers whose ancestors killed 90 million Russian Christians, burnt down 2000 Christians churches while stealing all the riches, you did the same to Germany and now it’s our turn. In every country you reside in you leave a trail of death and destruction. Craw back under your rock because the sunlight is coming out, your list of groups that you admire all all paid for and controlled by Soros. Remember 911, the U.S.S. liberty and Rachel Corrie?

          • WTF are you talking about you dumbass PoS?
            I don’t know what you think I am but you are so full of cr*p that you make me puke!
            Either that you are too stupid to understand English.
            “preaching to the choir’
            “The expression refers to the pointlessness of a priest or preacher trying to convert those who sing gospel songs in church, since it is obvious that they share his faith and conviction.
            Another way of saying preaching to the choir, is preaching to the converted.”
            You are obviously American.
            I don’t give a damn about the USS Liberty, They were there to protect the F*ng Israelis, serves them right.
            9/11, as the Towers fell I said that it was total BS. I have been a firefighter and seen highrise fires. If you dummies are so stupid as to buy the crap of Bush and his handlers you do not deserve any better.
            Rachel was a heroine and if I could have been with her I would have. So F you.
            Christ, being a moron would be a huge improvement for 90% of you.
            Go back to playing your Banjo and Clog dancing.

          • The FBI and ADL have worked hand in glove before, provocateuring even before the U.S. decision to fight in Europe in 1942. Back then the ADL had the FBI round up anti-communists, anti-Semites and isolationists and put them on trial for what became known as FDR’s “Sedition Trials”. Fuck you.

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