BREAKING: Riots In 10 Cities, India On Verge Of Civil War!

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Indians are unpredictable. And they have nukes, you know.
Riot rocks Kanpur over damaged religious poster
KANPUR: A police inspector and a reserve inspector suffered bullet injuries following indiscriminate firing by rioters in an escalation of violence that had erupted in the Babupurwa area here over damage to a religious poster late Friday night.
“Two policemen, including station house officer of Badshahi Naka D K Singh and reserve inspector Yogesh Sharma, were hit by bullets fired by rioters in Chamanganj area.” Said SSP Shalabh Mathur.
“They were rushed to a hospital. Some locals also suffered injuries in stone throwing by a mob, which also vandalized private and government property. Prohibitory orders have been clamped in the city and security has been stepped up,” said Mathur added.
Police said clashes erupted on Friday night over tearing up of a religious poster. On Saturday afternoon, the situation turned ugly when agitators demanded action against the culprits and staged a protest. By the evening, the situation had worsened with groups of rioters taking to the streets and indulging in heavy brick-batting and firing. Several vehicles were torched by angry mob near Zarib Chowki area, police said.
Muharram Clashes in Jharkhand, Bihar Leave 1 dead, 12 Injured
NEW DELHI: Violence marred Muharram processions today leaving one person dead and at least 12 injured in Jharkhand and Bihar while stone-pelting over use of a route for procession in Gwalior led to curfew in the area even as the observance passed off peacefully elsewhere.
Clashes broke out during a procession in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh district prompting police to fire 70 rounds in the air to control the situation.
DIG of North Chotonagpur Division Upendra Kumar said trouble began when a group of about 100 people standing on the road opposite the ground at Charowa Das on Hazaribagh- Katkumsandi road, pelted stones at an over 10,000-strong gathering.
Hazaribagh Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar said about 22 taziyas from nearby villages and Hazaribagh town had assembled to take part in the procession. The clashing sides indulged in heavy brickbatting and then fired at each other forcing the police to first baton charge and then burst teargas shells. But when the actions failed to disperse the mob, the police fired at least 70 rounds in the air, said Kumar, adding one person was killed and nine injured in the violence.
In Madhubani in Bihar, three persons were injured in a clash between members of two communities when a stone was hurled on a taziya procession. Superintendent of Police Akhtar Hussain said the clash took place near Gandhi Chowk. The religious fervour was marred in Gwalior, where curfew was imposed in a locality following protest by an organisation over the route of Muharram procession.
Kannauj remains tense after Thursday clash
KANNAUJ: Despite prohibitory orders, the Attar town of Kannauj remained tense on Saturday with rioters setting two shops ablaze. Kannauj has been on the boil since Thursday, when a man died in a clash between two communities and the police during a religious procession.
On Saturday morning, miscreants torched two shops in Makrandnagar and near Naraian Talkies. Police and fire brigade personnel, who were sent to the spot, doused the fire. No arrests were made.

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING: Riots In 10 Cities, India On Verge Of Civil War!

  1. Interesting. Must be a riot between Hindus and Muslims. This is the most no information PC article I have read in a long long time! The only reason I say it’s against Hindus and Muslims is because the Hindus just killed a guy and injured his son for eating a cow.

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    • Last year, Hindu terrorists killed a lorry driver of municipal corporation while transporting carcasses of dead cows. They Hindu terrorists didn’t listen to the hapless driver and beat him dead. Only after killing him they say his tattoo of hindu signs.
      Hindus are schizophrenic like Israeli jews. Both have killed their own by mistake in a frenzy of killing the people they hate. Both are filthy – one is extremely racist and the other, well they worship penis and vagina, have the oldest history of group sex and drink cow urine.

      • Hindu fanatcis have beaten and burned alive Christians, Sikhs, Dalits beside Muslims. So either you’re a filthy dick-worshiping Hindu to smell only stench in other religions or a goy Christian who has no idea what happens in India, or worse – an atheist skunk.

    • Religious extremest: the true root of all evil.
      Unless your religion is in harmony with the world and all it’s people it’s only purpose is to control you.

    • You have pain in your ass? Go visit a hospital.
      India is ruled by a right-wing Hindu party, BJP. Last month, the son of a minister of this fanatic Hindu party lynched a 65 year old Muslim, smashing his skull with a sewing machine, merely because of a rumour that the muslim had eaten beef. His son was also assaulted and is in critical condition.
      Your filthy brain has been trained to see evil in Muslims.
      What do you have to say about the lynching and burning alive of Graham Stains and his two small kids by the same Hindu terrorist party in Orissa? Or, are you a filthy dick-worshiping Hindu terrorist yourself?

  2. Funny reporting. Few incidences and a nation with one-sixth of the world’s population is on brink of Civil war. !!!
    Nothing of type civil war is going on in India. There are miscreants who try to create riots in each region and religion. People use social media in both right and wrong ways and fan religious extremism.
    Also Hindus in India are affected more by riots and only reason that India is actually quiet despite having large(14%) Muslim population and Christian missionaries of Joshua project trying to force conversion through rice bags and money.

  3. Useless report.
    This guy Kinky looks like an In-house Jihadi :))…..I checked his comments they are full of venom for anyone non-muslim! Hhahahhaah sick islamic moron! Needs a tight spanking with a spiked bat! 😉

  4. Religion of Peace in action in India, nothing new for the illiterate good for nothing jihadis!!
    India has a history of riots with islamic morons indulging in rioting every festive season! Somewhat similar to any other islamic shythole in the world; however the difference being India is not islamic majority, yes these islamic morons are able to riot, create a ruckus even here. It’s a global phenomena and muslims defend their violent behavior through their proxies / agents in media and fake intellectuals, which in turn make islamists as victims! Rest we all know how these jihadis are and what they follow and which book and what is written in it! 😉

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