Breaking! Suspicious – Train Carrying GOP To Greenbriar Crashes With Truck Sitting On Tracks – President Trump Did Not Go – Paul Ryan Did.

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by Ruby Henley

President Trump was not on the train, as he is to go later to give speeches to the GOP at Greenbrier. However, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan was on board with his family.  Many of the GOP members had their families.  When the train hit the truck on the tracks, everyone lunged forward in shock.

I am going to mention an Internet rumor which is going on the Net, but I hate to say “rumor,” as  I actually believe it is probably true.  Some are saying, and I think with good reason, this could have been a false flag attack by those concerned about the release of the 4 page memo.  Think about it.

Some on the train were injured, but most are tweeting they are ok.
This happened outside Charlottesville, Virginia.
The person in the truck has been pronounced dead. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) who was on the train assisted those injured. Two others from the truck were injured.
The spokesperson said the train “came into contact with a vehicle that was on the tracks. … Local law enforcement is investigating the incident and crews are inspecting the equipment for damage.”
would like to know more about the driver of the truck, but as we know he is dead.
I know some of you do not keep up with QAnon, who posts continually about these things, but most on YouTube do.  Some are saying that According to QAnon, the White House staffer who has predicted the future with remarkable accuracy in the last two months, the Deep State is running scared and attempting to cover its tracks. Senior FBI and high-level Obama-era officials are set to be directly implicated in prosecutable offenses.
And look at this:
President Donald Trump was overheard telling a lawmaker on Tuesday he “100%” plans to release a controversial memo alleging the FBI abused its surveillance tools.
The President was responding to Rep. Jeff Duncan’s entreaty to release the document as he departed a packed House chamber following his first State of the Union address.
“Mr. President, let’s release the memo,” Duncan, a South Carolina Republican, was heard asking Trump on a live camera feed from the House floor.


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21 thoughts on “Breaking! Suspicious – Train Carrying GOP To Greenbriar Crashes With Truck Sitting On Tracks – President Trump Did Not Go – Paul Ryan Did.

  1. The only time there is more than 2 people in a Big Truck….the more likely the driver and passengers are either Ragheads or Mexicans…. They are the only people who seem to have extra drivers so they can keep the wheels rolling at all times…… I am sure the report will not name the driver OR the trucking company….. And it is is RARE that a big truck stalls out on railroad tracks as drivers are very careful to check out if the lights are flashing and bars not down….so where is the train? Could the signal box have been opened and monkeyed with?

    • I will continue to follow up on this,but I need t do some edits on this one first. President Trump was not scheduled to go on that train. But he is going later to make speeches.

      • I doubt that the truck on the track, if intentional, was meant to kill a bunch of the GOP. It surely, if intentional, sent them a message THEY can not ignore!

        • I do not believe for one minute this was an accident. I believe it had to be intentional. I am going to see what I can find on it now.

          • Havin to deal with a passing train a couple times a week a RR crossin, it would take a lot of nerve to sit on a track listening to the train engine horne bearing down on you for a minute or two while you sat in the truck without gittin out and running, let alone 3 of them

          • Havin to deal with a passing train a couple times a week a RR crossin, it would take a lot of nerve to sit on a track listening to the load train engine horne bearing down on you for a minute or two while you sat in the truck without gittin out and running, let alone 3 of them. Dat be some serious MK Ultra as GAguidestone says below!

  2. While the corrupt criminal media is staying on the Memo, because they only report what their Masters tell them to, #Pizzagate #Pedogate #ChildSexTrafficking DC Pedo rings not being discussed at all. nothing zero nada. Although I want to see what is in the memo and we all deserve to see all of it; whatever the media is reporting how much worse are they covering up or distracting from. This is the same corrupt criminal media who aided/abetted Illegal unvetted, undocumented Fraud Obama for 8 long years all channels including Faux news. I no longer watch any TV media except OANN & Fox Business with Lou Dobbs. Lou is the only anchor to had the courage to call Obama out on no records and he was fired for it at that time with CNN. Not one of the others any channel would help us arrest Obama. Not one, so these are the same ones coming into your homes like robotic dolls about the Memo. What they really fear is Pedophilia/Child Sex Trafficking Rings and who all is involved including most in media, for the few who arent they are just as guilty. These children are being raped and murdered everyday. Media wont touch it. DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA

    • I remember when Megyn Kelly of Fox News actually interviewed James Alefantis making him look innocent and troll on by those of us who knew the truth about him. I remember him looking straight into the camera as if he was saying, “see, you can’t touch me. Megyn Kelly will pay for that interview, as she gave comfoft and shelter to the Devil himself.

      • That’s the truth Ruby. Not only did she try and provide cover for that Demonic evil Alefantis, but was having no concern for these lil children. I have never liked Megan Kelly. In 2009 when our original Birther group went after Obama to have him arrested, she did everything she could to aid/abet Obama as well. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin a great American Hero who has been kept out of corrupt news, stood up against Illegal Obama and Kelly attacked him viciously on the air and his attorney. I warned him not to go on TV with her, but his lawyer felt any coverage to bring attention to Obama’s not a legal president is better than none. In the end Lt. Col. Lakin was stripped of his stellar 18 yr Army Career as a flight surgeon by the Corrupt Criminal Judge Linn, and thrown in Leavenworth for 6 months. All while we had a foreign Kenyan Saudi illegally usurping our Republic. He has lost everything & I want President Trump to pardon him, give him back his honors, medals and titles along with his pensions and back pay with interest. Kelly is one of the most evil anchors on all of TV. That is the same time I quit watching Faux news because O’Lielly was in on it as well saying Obama was born in Hawaii. We had the evidence and knew Obama was born in Kenya and everyone in DC knew it yet this was done to the USA. When you have time go to The and look up Matrix 5 operatives. Women in high places of power. It exposes Kristine Marcy a high official in the Air Force who made it all possible for Illegal Fraud Obama to destroy America 8 long yrs along with a corrupt criminal media. All TV media is to blame. They were part of it. OANN is new and not owned by the corrupt same people so far. Even NewsMax is corrupted.

        • jj, I am so glad you read my reports, as I have a great deal of respect for your spirit. We must come together and stand up for what we want to see for this Country and for humanity. Pedophiles must be brought down, and the guilty must stand trial. We have a chance now that President Trump is in office.

          • TY Ruby & I do also appreciate you as well. We have some really good Patriots out here fighting to salvage our Republic. I do feel Trump is God anointed & pray for his safety everyday. These rats in DC are dangerous like wounded animals & I hope every lil child is freed and healed from this demonic web whether in DC, Hollywood or over seas. Hopefully we will all succeed, but must remain vigilant.

  3. first LOOK at this event said it was a DUMP truck, even a 3 year old girl knows the difference and can see/smell the GARBAGE, they DO LOVE the POETRY they use ,if you read between the lines of reverse hebrew , it was an attack against the “GARBAGE’ crew?

  4. More recent news has it the train driver had advance warning and could slow down, thereby minimizing the damage.
    But that makes the whole thing more suspicious: The truck must have been sitting there at least for a few minutes. Why didn’t the person in the truck try to move it, or failing that, get out and run away?

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