CBS Does Exclusive Story on #1 White House Press Secretary That was a Lie!

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by Thinker

When you say exclusive, don’t you think that the story would be coming from the source itself? CBS running a headline calling it exclusive about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the best press secretary that ever was is quitting. Should I sue for trauma about the thought of finally seeing someone who fits perfect in a position and can handle it without intimidation from the agents of satan? Well, there has to be a law against being able to publicize a lie and using the word exclusive is misleading to myself the viewer.


CBS News
Published on Jun 13, 2018
Two of the most visible members of the Trump administration are planning their departures, the latest sign of upheaval in a White House marked by high staff turnover. Press secretary Sarah Sanders and principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah are both heading for the exits, according to sources inside the White House and close to the administration. CBS News White House (NO FACTS) reporter Jacqueline Alemany joins CBSN to talk about her exclusive report.

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Time for anyone who just wants to write a story to get attention to leave or send her back to filing room. Go Sarah for taking the time to go to your daughters school. Where is the reporter who wants to do that story. A mother who has to spend extra time calling out lies and being asked questions that are irrelevant to her or what she speaks about. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the Trey Gowdy of the press room. OMG, the agents of satan don’t even know how to take it when she slams them back in their seats with the light of her words. Sometimes like a teacher in a class they get the schooling they need. Sarah Huckabee should be getting paid for her appearances. Every mother should have their daughters watching this woman in action. Confidence in what she is doing and even when the going gets tough, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is show it isn’t stopping her. A woman/mother/speaker for the president taking time out to have to comment to stupidity.

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How long will it take for the losers to realize that Trump is in the White House, Hillary Clinton did “NOT” win and that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to become a household word and “YES” she could run for president and “WIN!”


CBS Reports Sarah Sanders Is Quitting Her Job; She Scorches The Fake News With One BRUTAL Tweet


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