CLAIM: ‘Heat Records’ Huge Data Manipulation… Judge Dismisses Boys’ Lawsuit Against Trump Climate Rollbacks

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Media Hysteria: Climate Change ‘Heat Records’ Are a Huge Data Manipulation

The idea that climate change is producing heat records across the Earth is among the most egregious manipulations of data in the absurd global warming debate.

Americans receive a daily barrage from the fake news media and climate “experts” reporting that each and every day, week, month or year is the hottest on record due to global warming. On Feb. 7, several major newspapers carried stories of the declaration by NASA and NOAA that the past five years have been the warmest on record. Sadly, these supposed experts use mathematical equations that do not jive with reality over the past 140 years.

The same climate experts warn that record heat is just the tip of the iceberg. We are constantly told that global warming is the root cause behind any and all weather events that are extreme, destructive, unusual or uncomfortable. Many of these fear mongers also say we should stop burning fossil fuels that are causing this mayhem.

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Is the Earth truly experiencing the hottest weather on record? Absolutely not.

After examining actual weather records over the past 100 years, there is no correlation between rising carbon dioxide levels and local temperatures.

Vegas gets snow second time in week…

Slot machines, casinos, dinner shows … snow?

Yes, it’s snowing in Las Vegas. Again.

For the second time in a week, the entertainment mecca in the greater Mojave Desert was getting snow on Wednesday night. While winter weather has battered the eastern United States for the past couple days, the National Weather Service said up to 3 inches of snow will fall in the outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley. Rain may mix with snow in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, however, meaning much less — if any — will accumulate at the city’s most distinguishable landmarks along The Strip.

winter weather advisory will last for the valley until 4 a.m. local time Friday. Winds may gust up to 35 mph in the area, the weather service said

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Judge dismisses boys’ lawsuit against Trump climate rollbacks…

(Reuters) – A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two Pennsylvania boys and an environmental group seeking to stop U.S. President Donald Trump from rolling back regulations addressing climate change, saying the court does not have power to tell the White House what to do.

Disagreeing with a judge overseeing a similar case in Oregon, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond in Philadelphia ruled on Tuesday that the Constitution does not guarantee what the boys and the Clean Air Council called a due process right to a “life-sustaining climate system.”

Diamond also said the boys, who were 7 and 11 when the lawsuit was filed in November 2017, could not trace their respective severe allergies and asthma to White House policies.

He said this meant the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue Trump, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and other defendants who had moved to dismiss the case.


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