Clowns to the left of us, rogues to the right – here we are, stuck in the middle of poo

by John Ward 


Rotten Apples

The Birthday Honours list includes knighthoods for fellow Oxford academics Peter Horby, professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health, and Martin Landray, professor of medicine and epidemiology, who together “led” the Recovery clinical trials into treatments for Covid-19. Landray lied to French evening newspaper France Soir about the trial results; Horby overdosed (and under-compensated) the HCQ+Zinc trial patients (twenty two of whom died) – and then leapt onto Twitter to declare the drug combo “useless in the treatment of Covid19”. This was completely untrue, and probably led to the unnecessary deaths of thousands worldwide. Either their objective as a team was to clear the way for the Astrazeneca “vaccine” (in which case they should face trial for manslaughter) or they ignored the clear usage guidelines for HCQ (in which they should be struck off for gross incompetence.

Instead, Horby (left) and Landray (right) get to use the prefix ‘Sir’ in future. For corrupt services to the cause of the global Pharmafia.

Also made a Dame in the Honours list: Sarah Gilbert, Saïd professor of vaccinology at Oxford, receives a Damehood for services to science and public health in the development of a Covid19 “vaccine”. She too is a familiar face to Sloggers: in April this year, she found herself in the middle of a row. For Professor Sarah Gilbert, head of the Oxford Recovery team, co-founded in 2016 a techmed company called Vaccitech. (The clue’s in the name). This had secretly applied for an NYSE listing via an IPO. Even though Gilbert resigned resigned as a director in September 2020she still stands to make £20M from her 5.2% stake in the company.

Our Sarah certainly is one helluva dame: nine months into the Scamdemic, she tried to keep her involvement in Vaccitech secret by resigning as a director…..but sticking to her wedge. This was a blatant conflict of interest, and she should have been removed forthwith from any leadership role in government vaccination usage decisions.

Instead, Gilbert (left) gets to use the prefix ‘Dame’ in future. For services to her bank balance. (Or should that read ‘Vallance’?)

Rotten Row

Of course, there is more to life than gongs. From left to right, these G7 “leaders” are: man who turned Canada into a police State, unelected EU technocrat, inappropriate election thief, head of most indebted country on the planet, mendacious philanderer and three-time justice perverter, unelected giant squid banker, banker-elected negrophile, unelected EU blamestormer and former Communist Youth leader.

For those of you lucky enough to have an elected leader, I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves: I am thoroughly ashamed of having in 2019 recommended that people vote for the dick-happy liar about everything from paedophile rings in local care, Newscorp phone hacking and London taxis CO2 emissions. I did so because he was the only UK senior politician promising to get Brexit done.

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However, as you may have noticed, much of the G7 discussion so far has involved an attempt by the POTUS hologram and black rough trade Frog to unravel Brexit on behalf of their fascist puppeteers. So much for the Will of the People; but then, if you were elected by amoral technology and Rothschilds Bank respectively, what we of the citizenry want is absent from the radar screen.

As for the host….in these, his twilight years of failing powers (seen here with his Care Worker Mrs CarryOn Johnson) he was – let’s be clear about this – something of an embarassment, as he relayed the now familiar mantra of Building Back Better from a Shattered Shit Show created by the very people now promising to build back better. As it were. So to speak.

It’s Sunday. It’s hot down here in Aquitaine. The cherries are ready. I shall be the man that ate all the pie this evening. There’s a gentle breeze, a sky of light and uninterrupted blue, and a sense of sleepy repose.

But I have no sense at all of tranquility. The foregoing gallery of rogues and clowns have removed my inalienable civil rights to drive a motor car, hug people I love, see my children and travel freely in what is probably my last decade. They are, every one of them, lower than vermin and drunk on 40° proof self-satisfaction.

As some of you will already know, two days ago I stepped over the Twitter Truth-line that must be obeyed. This time it was just a warning: next time – or the one after that, because I’m not going to give in – the ranks of censorious woodentops will ban me for good.

If you want what you get here to remain available, there is a simple way round Anti-Social Media: get your dose of Open Debate direct.

Write to me on, use the subject ‘daily emails’, and there will be real life long after Twitter et al have been consigned to the Tumbril.

I sincerely hope this post didn’t adversely affect your digestion of Sunday lunch.





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