CORRUPT: WHO Investigator On CCP Payroll Blasts Bannon & Media For Asking Inconvenient Questions… Admits He Refused To Look

In a stunning revelation during a panel discussion, Daszak disseminated wild conspiracy theories in an attempt to blame anyone except his financial benefactors the Chinese Communist Party for the continuing virus origin mystery.

Daszak bizarrely laid into War Room: Pandemic show host Stephen K. Bannon and The Epoch Times newspaper for creating what he called an environment whereby the Chinese Communist Party wouldn’t want to be transparent about COVID-19’s origins. Both entities have called for fuller investigations into the Wuhan lab, shunning the idea that the virus came from a wet market or a bat.

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Daszak, however, continues to cover for his paymasters while holding a position at the World Health Organization.

He said, during his recent livestream:

“I’ve seen incredible efforts from everything from [religious sect] Falun Gong to the [Chinese dissident] Miles Guo camp, Steve Bannon’s group pushing the conspiracy theories around China. It’s useful to them. They’re funding it and pushing it and science has been to some extent caught up in that to other instances absolutely crushed by it. We’ve not had access to work in China on the origins for the last 12 months, which is ironic because we could have been on the ground there working with our Chinese colleagues and by now we could have found some really important answers. The rhetoric has held that up.”

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