COVID-19 The emotional price thats paid.

So much going on about covid…Statistics here statistics there…. Stockpiling this stock piling that, and where WILL I be in a few months time Above ground still bellow ground or molecules floating in the wind??

So much doom and gloom… so much uncertainty…

Our own interactions and our own behaviour have taken on a `self survival` approach (nothing wrong here), that in a large way it has changed not only our own behaviour, but also how we see others AND ourselves.

There is soooooo much uncertainty out there that it is no surprise we are taking some UNPRECEDENTED measures that affect not just each other but also ourselves.

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These are indeed uncharted times, even the Spanish flu a 100 years ago isn’t the same as what is happening today.

Back then there was even MORE of a sense of isolation.. we didst have the tools of technology that we have today… Even though we have a sense of uncertainty, we also have the evidence of the destruction of this tiny pathogen… a 5 Thousand`th the size of a grain of salt Its actually awe inspiring but in a dark way.

Its all to easy to fall into the `herd mentality of real doom and destruction… Was it Gods fault Was it Mans fault…. WHOS fault…. The honest answer IS we will NEVER know.

What are we left with???….. At the very least we have OURSELVES and we have in a lot of cases EACH OTHER…. But there is no getting away from the fact some of our own humanity, our kindness, our generosity, our compassion, our empathy, our trust….to name a few are being challenged and in many cases eroded

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This Virus is not only destructive to the body… its destructive to our own very fragile souls!!

Is it possible to perhaps halt the pervasive part of the virus that touches our souls….. Is there something positive we could do to help ourselves AND each other??

What do you say????? CR wants to know!!


h/t Cynical Realist