Deficits + Debasement + Decadence = Death of Dollar & Rising Gold

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By Egon von Greyerz

In this compelling interview with Patrick Vierra of Silver Bullion TV, Matterhorn founder, Egon von Greyerz, bluntly addresses the blunt forces of policy absurdity and the cyclical adversity now facing debt-wild global markets and financial regimes, against which precious metals offer a timeless protection.

Egon opens by addressing the embarrassing and clear mismanagement of pandemic policy responses, citing his direct experience in the clearly superior hands-off approach of Sweden vs. the total confusion and mismanagement in places like the UK. The increasingly discredited “Big Brother” minority has taken away both the choices and voices of a once freer majority, as now evidenced in the direct censorship seen on media platforms like YouTube and Twitter. As statues fall and voices are deliberately muzzled, we see a tragic canceling of rights and history itself, which ironically points to a sad muzzling of history’s lessons and thus a repeating of its errors.

As for such history repeating itself, the most obvious yet largely ignored and misunderstood example is history’s cyclical warnings of what always happens to nations and markets completely over their skis in debt, which from ancient Rome to modern times means only one thing: The increasing expansion and hence debasement of sovereign currencies and the inevitable implosion of grossly bloated debt markets (i.e., a failure to service the same), which leads to a contagion implosion in nearly all asset classes. Except, of course, timeless currency insurers like increasingly scarce and soon rising gold and silver.

As for precious metal protection and pricing, Egon reminds that when measured against the broad money supply, these metals are as underpriced today as they were in 1971 (gold at $35) or 2000 (gold near $300). Sadly, however, most investors tend to buy high and sell low, waiting for rising gold price confirmation rather than obvious value windows (like now) to acquire precious metal assets. Of course, history will once again reward those who heed its warnings, despite a Big Brother “new abnormal” attempting to muzzle the same.

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