Dems Busted Registering ‘Canadians’ to vote in U.S. Election / New California policy opens door to illegal immigrant voting

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Reporter Laura Loomer attended the Women’s March. While there, Loomer reports that people wearing “liberal SuperPac t-shirts” were registering people to vote. Loomer told the volunteers she lived in Canada, but wanted to register to vote in Nevada, and the workers directed her to register online..

California this spring will begin automatically registering adults who obtain or renew a driver’s license to vote, including potentially large numbers of noncitizens and immigrants illegally living in the state. The only way drivers who say they are legal won’t have their information sent to state voter rolls under the latest implementation of the California Motor Voter Act is if they opt out — which opens the door to the potential of widespread voter fraud, according to critics of the plan..

Second Texas County Faces Lawsuit for Withholding Records of Noncitizens Registered to Vote
A public interest election group is threatening to sue a Texas County over its refusal to release records dealing with noncitizens on their voter rolls, the second Texas County threatened with such a lawsuit this month.
The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a group that litigates to protect election integrity, sent a final notice to Harris County in Texas warning that they could face a federal lawsuit if they continued to deny the group inspection of their records related to registrants who were removed from the rolls after it was discovered that they were noncitizens.
You need to sort out your voting systems before the next election.

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  1. All of these fears you have come to nothing when someone actually tries to find illegal voting. I am sorry you are so fearful. Perhaps if you got out from under your rock and met some real people and even real immigrants you wouldn’t continually be scared of your own shadow to say nothing of these false charades.

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