Dutch Foreign Minister admits he made up fake news about Putin

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RT, Released on 2/14/18
According to a recent report by the Associated Press, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra has admitted to making up a lie about Putin. Zijlstra has previously gone around telling people that when he was an employee of Shell, the giant energy company, he was at Putin’s country retreat when he apparently heard Putin said that he considered Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic states to be a part of ‘greater Russia.’ Now he admits that was a lie. The Resident breaks it down, all while managing to not ever pronounce the Dutch FM’s name.

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1 thought on “Dutch Foreign Minister admits he made up fake news about Putin

  1. The Dutch are a supreme disappointment these days.
    They have always been one of my more admired people.
    A great epic history. Fantastic industry and invention. And simply wonderful painting. All from a small country whose land is about a third recovered from the sea.
    But now that they are so constrained by America’s imperial grip, they do shameful thing after shameful thing – at an official level.
    This terrible lie by the Dutch Foreign Minister at such a troubled time. Yes, he’s gone, but I’m sure he did a lot of damage.
    The Dutch air crash investigators looking into MH-17 have utterly shamed themselves with shady statements, half-truths, and incomplete efforts.
    The very people you might have thought would conduct an honorable and competent investigation, but they have not. Just shameful.

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