Election year in Sweden…

Sharing my thoughts on the situation in Sweden and what can be done now that it’s election year. I urge you to watch until the end because the most important points to be made are located halfway into the video and onward.
People write me, insecure, saying they’ve thought of voting for the Sweden Democrats. But they’re afraid of what might happen. Well let me ask you this: You’ve seen what the Left and Right have done to this country the past 20 years. How could it get any worse?
Unlike the other parties SD warned us of what would happen. The other parties simply enforced it. I know the SD have problems with morons in the party sometimes, but there’s bigger things at stake here than a few bad apples.
I think it’s important to recognize reality for what it is, and not what you’d wish it to be. A vote for SD is not a vote for the optimal society. It’s a vote for survival. It’s a short-term solution to huge problems. And once we’ve normalized common sense, first then can we start focusing on what’s ideal.
But right now, I think what’s most important is to protest. Right now the most important thing is to remove power from those responsible for putting us in this shit. And the Sweden Democrats is your best chance of doing this. So think ideal, but act practical.