EU official admits: Europe has no strategy for the impending new wave of migrants

by Chris Black

This is hardly news, or at least it should not be for the informed reader. We all know that the European Union, a colossus with feet of clay (read Euro) has absolutely no strategy to deal with the consequences of its immigration policy some call suicidal. However, what’s actually very interesting is the fact that the president of the European Union Parliament now admits it frankly. 
I am talking about Antonio Tajani, the “boss” of the EU Parliament, who said:
“Europe remains unprepared for a massive surge in immigration from Africa; overcrowding, poverty and war and will likely push ‘millions’ of people from Africa to Europe in the coming decades; without a strategy we will have terrorism, illegal immigration, instability.”
Excuse me, but the EU does not “have” to take in all these African migrants—that’s a choice the people should be making, not the ivory tower leaders immune to its effects. This guy actually called for a “Marshall Plan” for Africa in order to mitigate the flow of migrants. Basically, he asks for more welfare for Africans paid by the European taxpayer. Yet another government program which redistributes wealth, what can go wrong?
In laymen’s terms, this means that the immense bureaucracy which is the European Union is ruled by inept leaders who only care about the next election cycle, as they have a short-term type of thinking and no contingent plans/no strategy beyond that. And given yet another wave of unvetted migrants from Africa and the Middle East, those EU countries which incidentally are welfare havens, will be confronted with various problems, including increased crime, poverty, jihad attacks, expanding no-go zones, a worsening housing crisis and so forth and so on.
The flow of migrants from Africa or wherever can easily be curtailed by avoiding welfare payments to them. The navy and army can be deployed at the borders by overriding international legal restrictions. However, the EU elite are more than happy to take in more immigrants as they are used as pawns to erase the identity of individual member states. This is carried out in order to realize a United States of Europe regardless of the wishes of the original citizens of each respective member state.
Let’s suppose you lived in a community that once was based on hunting and natural food gathering. As such, like the Hawaiians who were forced to control the population before the arrival of the “civilized” world, you would be keenly aware of the effects of too much reproduction.
As Africa was dragged into the modern age, the shortfall in food availability was erased by well-meaning NGOs who came to give aid in each crisis. Yet, little opportunity for advancement, the mainspring of incentive, came with it. Effectively, the poorest of Africa had little incentive beyond existing and reproducing on a subsidy. Any real gains were absorbed by corruption.
Islam is a large part of that problem because it has no WASP ethic that promotes personal achievement; concentrating on using up lives in simple daily living for a promised future Janna with a large portion of the day devoted to worship.
If one provides fertilizer to plants, growth is expected. When NGOs continuously provide food and shelter beyond a society’s natural ability to provide for itself, exponential growth should be expected.
“Mother Merkel” has provided what Islam and the NGOs did not – incentive to migrate with an assured subsidy in the new land. The population explosion will continue as long as there are subsidies and violence will ensue if they are withdrawn.

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20 thoughts on “EU official admits: Europe has no strategy for the impending new wave of migrants”

    • The US & Israel form the power, source, force, aider & abetter of the EU Refugee
      Crisis, ‘Terrorism’ & Rage, These 2 have sought to capture Middle East’s Oil & NG,
      even that in Africa & S. America. They will wreck the world to have their way!

  1. Free Strategy,no charge, it will work:
    Tripod mounted, belt fed, water cooled machineguns were designed for situations like this ….. stopping mass invasions of raping, pillaging barbarians. Some claymore mines would be icing on the cake. ROTFLMAO
    Hang Merkel, Juncker, and any other pedopriest or E.U.politician that betrays the Citizens along the border so the INVADERS see you are for real …….. as an example for the next leaders to do their duty.
    It is government’s main duty to kill raping, pillaging, murdering, invaders at the border.
    It is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety and security of its people
    Then to hang any traitor who opens the City Gates to them ……..
    Sink the Invader’s Landing Craft and shoot any that make it to the shore line.
    Immigration without Assimilation is Invasion.
    LEADERS protect their Citizens ….. TRAITORS allow enemies in to attack the Citizens.
    “they” say this is a melting pot,
    “they” demand WE “accept” anyone else who comes along …… then
    “they” say WE are not welcome in our own homes.

    • It’s easy for the Communist elite to tell us what to do when we are invaded….they live in gated communities with body guards….. Vote the fuckers out!!! And get some real men who don’t want our country to die get into office…..but that won’t happen with the Clintoon Machine and DNC lambasting honest men and honest women and keeping them from holding office.

  2. We killed countless “communists” because the Commies were going to take our JOBS, Our HOMES, and Our WAY of LIFE.
    Well our treasonous politicians are GIVING them away.
    Why are we wasting TRILLION$ on weapons to fight Russia and China? Our borders are wide open to pillaging, raping, murdering invaders and the PEDOpriests & politicians “welcome” them.
    All the Russians & Chinese have to do is drop their weapons and WALK into America and Europe, demand refuge and WELFARE and make themselves at home. Our PANSY ASSED MISSleaders will give them your Social Security and Country.
    Remember that Chinese general who threatened to ship 100million peasants here? The PEDOpriests/politicians would love that.
    NATO wants to take on RUSSIA?! (and maybe China)
    NATO cannot defend it’s own people at HOME.
    NATO cannot beat ISIS-AlQueda-Taliban-AlNusra
    NATO families will be raped & murdered as NATO Troops fight far from home.
    NATO installations will be sabotaged by Refujihadi Invaders.
    NATO Troops should turn their weapons on their ENEMIES that are betraying them.
    NATO defeated itself by being invaded and overrun by the REFUJIHADIS from the wars NATO started but can’t FINISH …………. THAT has to be a FIRST in all history.
    Waffling and ranting about the Russian threat whilst the real enemy marches in our gates.
    We pay them to plot against us.
    We pay them to out breed us.
    We watch while they commit treason and sedition.
    We hand the west to them on a plate.
    Only Russia, Poland, Hungary are standing up and fighting them.

  3. These invaders need to be treated like an invasive species and eradicated as such before it is to late. When they have the numbers they will eradicate the white people and with no mercy and take everything they built for themselves thanks to stupid liberal do gooders and the elite NWO crowd that are playing them like fiddles. Look what is going on in South Africa to the white people and farmers.

    • The N*ggers of South Africa keep murdering the white farmers….and what do they do with the confiscated farmland? Let it lie fallow and literally rot. They don’t have the brainpower to even begin to know how to grow crops……let the fkers starve is the only answer. Their communist leaders keep calling for blood of the white farmers and the imbecile blacks just follow their orders and keep murdering away.

  4. Maybe Bill Gates did have the right idea with his bogus vaccinations…..kill them where they live… Africa…. I need to rethink Gates and his vaccinate Africa scam a little more. Whatever is in those bogus vaccinations I suggest they ramp up the “bad” parts real quick…..

  5. The best way to deal with refugees is to not create the situations that cause them to leave their homes.
    End the wars.
    Don’t flood their countries with cheap waste products that put their farms out of business. (Yes, Merkel – this one is primarily your doing – you’re causing the very problem that will likely bring you down at some point)
    Don’t support tyrants making their lives at home miserable because they give you cheap access to their oil, gold mines or other resources you’re after.
    Don’t try to recruit their best for jobs here or in Europe – they’re needed at home to build their own country’s infrastructure. (That’s not saying “never hire anyone with roots in country X”, just “don’t actively recruit people from X who still live in X and are needed there”).

  6. This is an invasion of muslims that want to replace the governments of europe with their laws. These are not migrants. Europe needs to build a giant catapult to throw them back where they came from. not play stupid and dead and do nothing


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