With #FakeNews, the MSM Has Created the Perfect Protection Racket for the Liberal Elite

by Mark Angelides

Circling the wagons was a protective measure used to keep the enemy outside the circle while protecting those inside. The purposeful creation of “#FakeNews” is exactly this. Designed to forever keep “unwanted opinion” and those who speak against the Establishment on the outside. The media protecting the politician and the politicians protecting the friendly media in an never ending loop. Who is left outside? Us, the enemy.
The outsiders are everyone who disagrees with their ideas, opinions and ideologies; and those that want change that isn’t begged from the shallow pits of the Globalists. If you’re not onboard with the agenda, you’re outside it. The idea of Fake News as a way of shutting down dissenting voices is almost so perfect, that it begs the suspicion that it was purposely created.
If you are “privileged” enough to be tarred as Fake news, this allows your opinions to be ignored and ridiculed, but more importantly, it means that those on the inside have an excuse not to “engage”. As we have seen with recent events, speaking out casts light on otherwise ignored areas. Take “Swedish terror” for example. President Trump brings up Sweden in his Florida rally, the MSM calls “Fake News!” and all broadcasters fall into line. Those outside the of the Fake news feedback loop research and see all the bitter reality of Sweden’s demise. But now, because of the Fake News label, those on the inside can cast it aside, without the need to acknowledge that something very bad is happening, and that it will likely arrive on U.S shores soon enough.

When questioned by anyone outside the circle, they can just comment “I don’t talk about fake News” and move on unscathed and unchallenged. And eventually there won’t be anyone outside the circle in a position to question them; the “right to operate” will have been revoked because they’re classified as Fake News.
With near constant chatter about internet restrictions happening worldwide (for your own good, of course), press regulation enquiries (look at the U.K’s Levinson Enquiry), and global condemnation of those labeled as “on the right” of politics, the framework is in place to deny private citizens and companies the right to put their ideas out to the wider world. It is censorship in the making, and will happen sooner than we think.
The only antidote to darkness is light. As Alex Jones says, “We’re in an Information War”. And at the moment, those on the outside are losing. The only way to change the balance is for more information and ideas (whether right, wrong, ill-informed or otherwise) to get out into the public realm. Blogs, websites, newsletters, anything the private citizen can do to spread their ideas is valuable in pushing back the inner circle. Because they are the minority, let them keep their “protective circle”, if there are more sources of information, theirs becomes less valuable. The information war will be won by regular people, not legislation.