President Trump vs. The Deep State: Who Will Prevail?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
The “deep state” is a situation where military officers and intelligence operatives control the majority of the government. These groups are rumored to hold the power to overturn any President who they deem unfit or merely dislike.  President Trump has complained that illegal leaks from the FBI and other intelligence agencies led to the resignation of national security advisor, Mike Flynn. The deep state is known for exerting control via veto power, large parts of the economy, etc. They act with no fear of punishment and are sadly left unchecked.
The deep state is synonymous to big government and the establishment(s) on both sides of the political spectrum. All of these regimes thrive on power, control, and dominance. Collectively, they have no regard for the rights of the American people. Their only concerns are preserving their authority and pulling the strings of politicians who pose as puppets, thus presenting the illusion of citizens having a choice. The deep state is dangerous and must not be allowed to thrive. I have no doubt that they are working behind the scenes to sabotage the Trump Presidency.
The rise of the deep state can also be linked with the rise of a group known as Organizing For Action. OFA is also connected to the Indivisible Project, which specializes in protesting policies of President Trump, such as the repeal of Obamacare and immigration orders. The Indivisible Project is rumored to be funded by George Soros, a liberal billionaire who is infamous for throwing his money behind progressivism and causes in opposition to right wing ideologies.
OFA is a project originating from Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential campaign. They proudly support the policies of the former President and are now a “nonprofit.” OFA seeks to overturn the policies of the President through protestation tactics and contact with senators who can influence the passing of laws. Paul Sperry, writer of the New York Post, reported OFA’s plans to “stage 400 rallies across 42 states this year to attack Trump and Republicans over Obamacare’s repeal.”

Americans would do well to remember that Obama’s decision to smile and shake President Trump’s hand on Inauguration Day does not mean that he is above attempting to undermine Trump’s actions and policies. The former President declared at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton that he would consider it as an “insult to his legacy” if Americans chose to elect Donald Trump to be the leader of the free world. Obama actively opposed Donald Trump from the time he launched his campaign for office, so it only makes perfect sense for him to further his opposition of the President, especially since a plethora of Mr. Trump’s policies will overturn Obama’s.
Following the forced resignation of Gen. Mike Flynn, Bill Kristol proudly proclaimed: If it comes to it, I prefer the deep state to the Trump state.” This statement is the embodiment of the corrupt big government, a repackaged version of the deep state. The American people voted for and elected President Donald Trump. His policies resonated with us and we choose him to be our leader. However, none of this matters to Kristol who believes that his antipathy towards the President should outweigh votes and decisions made by the people of this nation. His pathology is the mirror image of the big state.  
The deep state not only aims to overthrow the President, but to also halt any movements that will restore relations between American and Russia. The deep state works very meticulously and the situation with Mike Flynn is a prime example. Deep state operatives dig up dirt, transfer the information to their Fourth Estate collaborators, and then use immunity via the First Amendment to cover themselves. The deep state is undoubtedly working with Obama, Soros, and others to overturn President Trump. We the American people must be vigilant, always keep an eye out, and rally behind the Leader of the Free World.  

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6 thoughts on “President Trump vs. The Deep State: Who Will Prevail?”

  1. Only a millennial, Gabby, would think the deep state grew powerful circa OFA. The deep state killed JFK; President Eisenhower made a speech about it’s power during his presidency. Think of the deep state as the product of the IC* bringing over so many Nazis and a few of them scientists as cover, that just set up the 4th Reich as the United States.
    The final arbiter of this fight is not Trump or the deep state, but the Oath Keepers, who are a large part of the US citizenry, that will finish anything the deep state does. The deep state jumped the shark with their assault on reality and too many people now understand. The final arbiter of this fight are the 40% of the US that are armed and ready, in government and vets, your friends and neighbors and coworkers, watching and waiting and hoping for the best, but have made peace with the worst.
    *Intelligence Community

  2. President Trump will never succeed in the war against the deep state unless he permanently disappears these deep state traitors QUIETLY. Just that simple. QUIETLY detain and disappear these traitorous scum to parts unknown then deny and deny some more. Blackwater operatives would get this done nicely, except THEY live for the Deep state, but that kind of operators and support net is needed.

  3. Trump will triumph!!! We el-ected him to do so!!! We will stand by him and protect him with our Second Amendment Rights if needed! We will be there for him should he call upon us to do so!!!

  4. I could be wrong , but once DJT gets his administration in order , say mid 2018. Wilder and Le Pen in office over in Europe , you will see Soros and the Clintons going down , along with many others. The Pedophile rings will be exposed , the war crimes will be charged and America will look real bad to the rest of the world , but law and order will be restored.
    Evil has a way of consuming itself .

  5. I pray President Trump prevails, but I am afraid he has not even heard of the deep state. Neither have his staff and advisors. He is getting terrible advice, He has the law on his side concerning the immigrant suspension but his advisors muffed it and made it look like a simple executive order cooked up in Trump’s mind, when in fact the law gives the president this authority. In short I ‘ll come to the point, I love Trump, I voted for Trump, but I fear he neither heard of nor even understands the concept of the deep state. His mind just does not work like that, He is actually a very honest person, couple that with is patriotism and he is just blind to what is really happening. Calling on the FBI to do an investigation of the leaks, proves my point.

  6. With Bannon’s help, The Donald is very much aware of the Deep State. However, dealing with it needs to be done very quietly and with much finesse. I dream during the wee hours that Gen. Flynn is working on it incognito. Wishful thinking? I hope not.


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