Florida Shooting: Here Is What They Are NOT Telling You… H-U-G-E

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2 thoughts on “Florida Shooting: Here Is What They Are NOT Telling You… H-U-G-E

  1. All these shootings are pretty fishy …
    Whether they are straight up false flags or not ( probably are ) , and if people really die ( in most cases , they probably do )
    or whether it’s some crazed / frustrated individual doesn’t really matter so much to those who want the chaos / arms
    grabbing to occur …
    One funny thing is if you try to find the relatives of people that aledgedly died , be it in Paris , London , the US or anywhere ,
    you’ll most likely meet a dead end … no actual relatives to be found !!!
    These whole phoney ” war on terror ” becomes this self-perpetrating nightmare , after so many demoniac forces keep poking
    at it with all the money , gadgets and technical know-how behind it …
    But it’s easy to destroy , and hard to build !!!

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