German Elections – Anti EU Party Makes Major Breakthrough

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by Mark Angelides

The Alternative for Deutschland Party has had a major win in today’s elections. While Chancellor Angela Merkel has won herself a fourth term (albeit with a much reduced vote share), the big news is that a party on the right of politics and opposed to the European Union has made huge gains and will likely finish on 88 seats with around 13.3% of the vote.
Just one year ago, the AfD were on the fringes holding rallies and being demonized by European media, and yet their gains today show that there is a rising anger across Europe with unelected leaders in Brussels, an irresponsible migration policy, and a failure to defend and protect native cultures and traditions.
As has become common with parties that do not follow the “progressive line” they have been dragged through the press and their win is seen as a threat to “all that is decent.” Now, AfD do have some unsavoury elements among their ranks, and they have expelled members whose views are considered extreme. But in an interview with the one and only Nigel farage, the leader made an important point about how “right-wing” paties are viewed.
She said that her party is exactly where Merkel’s party was just a few years back, and it is the legacy parties that have moved to the left, not them that has moved to the right. And this is an important point: the political landscape has shifted massively, and it has expected the voting public to move along with it.
She also stressed that Muslims who want to live under a free and fair system should flock to her party, but that those that wish to live under the regressive Sharia Law system are unwanted. Does this sound like a party that is “anti-immigrant” as the MSM labels them?
The reality is that there is a huge surge in anti-EU, anti-uncontroled immigration sentiment across Europe, and it is the same movement that propelled President Trump into the White House. People haven’t changed so much (except the useful idiots), it is the Legacy parties that have changed. And because they are in control and have the power over who gets to be on the ballot, the public is left with no options.
The shift to the left is part of a globalist strategy that has never been campaigned upon, talked about in public, or put to the vote. It is crony corporatism sapping freedom from the electoral systems of all nations.

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2 thoughts on “German Elections – Anti EU Party Makes Major Breakthrough

  1. Headline – AFD surges…. German Jews “concerned”….. who thinks this stuff?
    Like German Jews are in peril from voters who don’t want more Muslims !!! Jews should thank their lucky 5 sided stars that someone ELSE is defending against vermin Muslims.
    Like gays, maybe Jews should be left tp the mercy of the Star & Crescent … what hypocrites.

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