Here’s How the Situation in Syria Could End Up in a Nuclear Exchange Between the US and the Russians

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by Chris Black

As you may already know, President Trump ordered a missile strike on Syria on Friday 13th (the Illuminati crowd’s jaw was on the floor with regard to numerology/symbolism) ,which ended up in nothing more than an excellent PR opportunity for everybody. Some on the right side of the force congratulated the Donald on his big, brave balls, while other conservatives like Michael Savage, Anne Coulter (I never liked that broad to be honest) or Alex “They Turned the Frogs Gay” Jones threw hissy fits and announced they’re off the Trump train, Fuck Trump (seriously, look on YouTube for AJ’s temper tantrums), cried on the air like little girls (Jones again) etc. The mainstream media’s response to Trump striking Syria varied, from congratulating the military industrial complex on the possible inception of a brand new war in the Middle East, which could be a major boon for weapons manufacturers (jobs, jobs, jobs! ) and companies like Black Water/Academi or whatever name they use nowadays, to accusing the Donald of pulling yet another “Wag the Dog” scheme, thus trying to distract the American public’s gold-fish-like attention span from the Stormy/Comey scandals that are plaguing Trump’s presidency (that was Rachel Madcow if memory serves, and her theory is not as far fetched as many of you may believe).


However, after the fog of war had dissipated, the 100+ Tomahawk missiles launched on Friday over a number of Syrian  military targets were nothing more than a cosmetic strike, as in nothing was achieved, nothing changed on the battlefield, Iran and Russia plus their buddy Assad are still the winners on the ground, ISIS/Al Qaeda are toast, and the Syrian civil was is almost over, with the Anglo Zionist empire being defeated in their quest for..well, insert your favorite conspiracy theory here.  Joke aside, apparently no one has died in the Tomahawk strike, and except from a lot of panic and disappointment on the right with regard to Trump turning full neocon in Syria and taking the proverbial piss on his campaign promises and on his fan-base, nothing really happened. Most probably, the Russians were told in advance (secretly of course) about the targets that were on the hit-list (by the way, who strikes chemical-weapons manufacturing/storing facilities located in the immediate vicinity of residential/civilian complexes?), and they obviously alerted the Syrians/Iranians, their allies that is, hence the cosmetic “strike”.


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It was all bullshit, on short. Yet, let’s remember how then-CIA Director Pompeo bragged about  American airstrikes killing hundreds of Russian operatives in recent months in Syria, and also remember that Russia is a major nuclear power. Another fact to consider is that Mike Pompeo is crazy as a bat, just like Nikki Haley and that recently exhumed neocon Michael the Crazy Mustache Bolton. All these guys are currently advising Trump on Syria, let that sink in. Also, Trump’s recent stunt completely bypassed the US Congress, Constitution be damned, and this is the same guy who advocated for peace and a “full retreat” from stupid wars in the Middle East, yet he’s now surrounding himself with swamp rats while preaching to his Pepe intoxicated fan-base about how he’s draining the swamp. Maybe he’s going insane too, who knows? Or maybe they put something in his drugs.


And now, let’s see how these PR stunts in Syria perpetrated by Trump’s regime can turn into a nuclear Armageddon. Phase one: maybe the next cosmetic strike on Syria goes wrong, or the crazies at the buttons go too far and kill a bunch of russkies in the process (on purpose, by mistake or out of sheer incompetence, doesn’t matter really) and the Russians retaliate (as promised), killing some GI Joes, sinking a couple of ships, downing some planes or whatever. Phase two: angered by Russians’ response , The Empire Strikes Back (pun intended) against Russian troops stationed in Syria. Phase three: the ruskies deliver a serious blow on CENTCOM targets, the US fights back and attacks military installations in Russia or military ships. Phase four: a US attack on Russia mainland would essentially guarantee a similar response from the Russians (on US territory, that is), a conventional response that is, at least in the beginning. However, if the losses on both sides keep piling up, the use of tactical nukes is as inevitable as the Donald trolling the world on Twitter. And that would be the end of…well, everything. Don’t get me wrong, I am not predicting this would eventually happen; all I’m saying is that things can go wrong and I don’t believe Syria is really worth a nuclear war between the US and Russia. I will close with a question for my readers: the Russians (a small contingent) are in Syria legally, invited by the country’s legitimate government (Assad). The US/Israel/whatever stupid coalition of the willing are in Syria illegally. The United Nations and Hague are doing absolutely nothing. It’s all a bad joke, there are no principles, it’s all about who has the bigger stick. So, what’s the solution, since voting doesn’t seem to accomplish anything?

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