HOOD share dilution 97+ million shares added to 842 million shares outstanding

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via WSB:

For those who compared the # of shares sold in the recent IPO to the recent dilution of > 97 million shares for HOOD. The dilution is significant, although I find it should be compared to the # of shares outstanding, not to the # of shares that could be sold in the IPO.

HOOD as of 8/5 4 PM close
Market capitalization $42.59 billion
Price per share $50.97
# of shares outstanding > 835 million

which are close to the numbers in the SEC filings by HOOD

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# of shares outstanding before the IPO as of July 218th
Class A common stock 655,874,456
Class B common stock (we cannot buy this) 132,573,754

Maximum # of shares of class A stock, that could be sold in the IPO 52,375,000
After the IPO
Expected # of shares, class A stock outstanding 710,596,801
Expected # of shares, class B stock outstanding 131,807,224

And I realization more dilutions are allowed

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