House Republicans Help Democrats Pass “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill For Ex-Military Members

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by Chris Black

Republicans are not your friend. Learn this now to save time later.

I expect it from the likes of Dan Crenshaw and Madison Cawthorne, but Matt Gaetz voted to pass the red flag gun laws? 

For a guy staking everything on being a phony populist, that’s pretty much political suicide. Even Jim Jordan knew better and voted No. 

Gaetz already was pushing it by voting to bring Afghan refugees.  This may be the beginning of the end of his 2024 presidential ambitions.

The GOP’s job is to be a hospice for White America. To pump you full of painkillers & sedatives, whisper in your ear that everything is fine while they pick your wallet and sell your house to your enemies.

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They’ve written you off. The only thing to do now is run out the clock.

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