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ENDING DEMOCRACY THE 2000 ELECTION POSED some profound dilemmas for American democracy. OSI’s influence failed and, by small margins, OSI’s candidate Al Gore was refused the nomination by a Conservative Supreme Court. Since then, however, the public has become less convinced of the legitimacy of US Elections. While de-legitimizing the electoral process is usually a net gain, this has not been met with an attendant belief that another method is preferable. Instead, there has been a move towards more transparent elections with tighter controls (SEE: Voter ID Laws). In order to terminate the Democratic Process, the concept of a Final Election has been created
and will be exported to America At Large using a Crisis Model / Schelling Point to drive large-scale
behavior. This involves:

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· A House Divided: The Obama Project has been very successful in dividing once homogenous Americans by race and class. This will be improved on with H. Clinton adding gender to the primary divide.
· Crisis Levels of Domestic Unrest with Visual Impact: In order to create the political atmosphere for change, there will need to be “tanks in the streets.” This requires a domestic enemy with paramilitary capabilities.

· An Unpopular Election: We will elevate J. Bush through a compromised BlackMoney donor network which will create a J. Bush vs. H. Clinton election with advantage Clinton.

. A Negative-Wave pattern will be used to neutralize Bush in the final month and provide an election that “both sides” feel despondent about.

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. A no-choice choice election will demoralize citizens, especially, and most importantly patriots, to the level where there would be extremely low voter turn-out even in the event of an election. NOTE: In the Black Swan case, OSI will work with Media to ensure catastrophic negatives for whoever is counter-nominated.

· Dissolution: The final phase of The Last Election will be the creation of wide-scale Crisis Escalation followed by False Dawn. In this narrative, control of the nation will be ‘temporarily’ ceded to the Federal Government and restructuring will begin.

· Rebirth: In concordance with Agenda 21 (Global Sustainability), we will rebuild America.

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