Hungary Vs. Soros and the Globalist Agenda

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By Mark Angelides

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Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is seeking his third consecutive term in office as his country goes to the polls today. But instead of just the traditional electoral battles between candidates, Orbán must face an even greater threat: George Soros and the Globalist establishment.

As an outspoken critic of not just Soros but the whole agenda he supports, Orbán is enemy number one in the eyes of those who seek to destroy nation state democracy.

He numbers among his enemies the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) and open borders financier George Soros. In many cases, such a list of enemies would be dismissed as the delusions of a paranoid fantasist, but the reality is that these groups DO actually oppose him.

The EU is frustrated by Orbán’s refusal to go along with the Dublin Agreement which would see mandatory migrant quotas imposed on the nation. The UN is appalled that he is not “doing his bit” in accepting refugees. And his beef with Soros is on a much more personal level.

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The voters will be deciding the make up of the 199-seat parliament. While polling in recent weeks has predicted a majority for Orbán, early turnout numbers could mean a sudden reversal for his ruling part Fidesz. The polls will close at 6:30 p.m. local time and counting begins at 7.

The sad fact is that whether or not you agree with Orbán’s policies or “management” style, when he talks of Hungary becoming a “migrant nation” it is difficult to see how he could be wrong. If Fidesz loses, the left-leaning winners will almost immediately acquiesce to EU demands to begin accepting their “fair share of refugees.”

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And if Hungary falls, it will not be long before both Poland and the Czech Republic go the same way.

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Many have compared Viktor Orbán’s particular brand of pride and nationalism as “Trumpesque,” yet Orbán would better be described as Trump before Trump. In a recent speech to thousands of supporters he said:

“We will win again on Sunday as we have won battles in the past which looked impossible for many.

We have built the fence, defended the southern border…Migration is like rust that slowly but surely would consume Hungary.”

His hard-line stance against Islamic migration has earned him as many detractors as supporters across the continent; he makes his position very, very clear:

“We believe Poles and Hungarians have a common path, common fight and common goal: to build and defend our homeland in the form that we want…Christian and with national values.”

Eyes across Europe are looking on with hope that one of the last remaining holdouts against Globalism will stay beyond the grips of the EU. If this nation falls, who can stand?



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