In Much Of Pennsylvania, Natural Gas Prices Will Increase Up To 50% Starting Wednesday

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Providers increasing their prices include:

Citizens’ Electric — 6.9777 cents to 7.9476 cents per kWh (13.9%)
Duquesne Light — 7.41 cents to 7.98 cents per kWh (7.7%)
PECO — 6.597 cents to 7.021 cents per kWh (6.4%)
PPL — 7.544 cents to 9.502 cents per kWh (26%)
Pike County Light & Power — 6.5234 cents to 9.796 cents per kWh (50.2%)

Nearly half of U.S. households that warm their homes with mainly natural gas can expect to spend an average of 30% more on their bills compared with last year. The agency added that bills would be 50% higher if the winter is 10% colder than average and 22% higher if the winter is 10% warmer than average.

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